My bestie and partner in crime wrote this installment! I love you, Jea Hawkins!

From meek and nice to queen of ice, Lil has a new outlook on life.

Now that she’s better than mere humans, she’s ready to step out. And it all begins with a plot to take down the pharmaceutical company that discovered the serum that turns X-DNA into a super hot mess.

When she encounters the lovely Harmony during a stake-out, Lil tests her new confidence with her first ever one-night stand. As it turns out, she’s getting more than a notch in her belt. Soon she realizes it takes two to fight the big, bad pharma.

But there’s a twist Lil doesn’t anticipate. The moment their big attack turns into a knife in the back, Lil has to make a decision. Whose side is she on? Will she use her powers to do the right thing, or has this good girl gone bad?