I’ve been a lucky girl. Not in 2018—that was a fucking shit sandwich, y’all. Flu twice, lost my dad, hardly worked at all, yada yada.

No, I’m lucky because I’ve been chatting with some of my favorite author friends. Jea Hawkins, my BFF FOR EVA EVA, Cara Malone, Miranda MacLeod, and Noelle Winters. We did a sort of author pow wow where we talked about what worked and didn’t work last year and what we wanted to do in the new year. I am HYPED UP Y’ALL.

In certain ways, I’m slowing down. I’m only releasing 3 books this year. I mean, last year it was only two, but bear with me. Bare with me? I’m a writer, I should know this, for chrissakes. The point is, I used to release 8-9 books a year. I’m not saying I released 8-9 GOOD books, I’m just saying I wrote and published quickly. But I’m a little older, wiser, and honestly more self centered now. I don’t want that kind of stress and I’d like to write things that bring me joy, not just sweet, sweet money dollars from Jeff Bezos.

However, I’ve been slack as hell on newsletters, contests, social media, etc. So regarding that, I’d like to pick up the pace. Make more connections with readers. Be present not just in writing but as a writer. So please nag the hell out of me if I start to neglect this blog. Sign up for my newsletter because there will be special things in there just for newsletter friends. Is that devious? Perhaps. Well, okay, yes. I want you to sign up for my newsletter so you’ll buy my books when I release them. There, are you happy?

But I also want you to have other fun things like interviews with fellow author homies, book reviews, chances at giftcards, and probably a million pictures of my dog. Trust me, he’s worth it.

TLDR: Name Dropping, Getting HYPE, writing less, doing more, Newsletter NOW.